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    European Legal Assistance Network

    Specilisme: Incasso
    Adres: Stationsplein 21
    Postcode: 4872 XL
    Woonplaats: ETTEN-LEUR
    Telefoon: +31 76 503 67 76
    Email: info@eulan.eu

    Eulan: your key to success C4120-782

    Eulan, the European Legal Assistance network, aims at providing (international) legal services.

    As a reflection of legal traditions and history still today, legal systems differ widely among the member states of the European Union and outside. At the same time there is a growing tendency towards creating international judicial areas. In some areas, legislation is or will be harmonized at international level. In other areas, harmonization of this nature is neither necessary nor appropriate.

    Eulan aims at identifying those common standards and national principles.
    Eulan, the European Legal Assistance Network, aims at providing legal services. We have experts in the field of debt recovery, civil proceedings, enforcement, the service of documents and legal training.

    Eulan is an initiative from lawyers and enforcement agents from different countries, both member states of the European Union and outside. C4120-783

    All our local offices provide an in depth legal expertise that enables us to provide you with tailor made legal advice, enforcement or debt recovery.

    Eulan combines the legal knowledge within her network with modern management and computer technologies. Through our IT system you have direct access to your files.

    We have created an outstanding network of legal experts. Experts that have years of experience in cases from the commercial sector, banking and finance, government, utility, telecommunications, insurance and private sector.

    Eulan ensures a fast and efficient settlement of your requests through a combination of a practical approach, knowledge, experience and computerization.